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Parshas Pinchas: Yisaschar Gives His Son A Shin

"Bnei Yissachar LiMishpichosom...LiYashuv Mishpachas HaYashuvi"; The family of Yissachar according to their family... to Yashuv the family of Yashuvi". When the children of Yissachar, who came down to Mitzrayim, are enumerated earlier in Parshas VaYigash, Yashuv is listed as Yov (Bereishis 46:13). Why was his name changed to Yashuv?

Daas Zekainim MiBaalai Hatosfos and Chizkuni both answer, when the Jews arrived in Mitzrayim, Yov became aware that the Egyptians had an idol called "Yov". He complained about this to his father, and as an appeasement Yissacher gave him a "Shin" from his name, which changed his name to Yashuv.

There are varying customs whether to read the name Yissachar with a double "Shin" or one "Shin". Some read it with a double "Shin" until Yashuv's name is mentioned in this parsha, afterwards reading Yissachar with one "Shin". The Chasam Sofer (Parshas VaYatzai) says, the first time Yissachar's name is written in the Torah it should be pronounced with a double "Shin", and after that with 1 "Shin".