Section:  Avodah   Category: Innocent Observations
Flying 50 Feet Off The Ground

Many people hate to fly. They feel couped up in a small cabin doing nothing and going nowhere for sometimes upwards of ten hours. Looking out the window provides no relief. It is just a long stream of nothingness. The irony is that the greatest thrills in life for many people involve traveling at high speeds and covering lots of ground. People love to drive fast, jump out of airplanes, glide down mountains, and soar through the air. One would think that traveling halfway around the world in just a few hours and crossing a good portion of the globe would be maximum excitement, but it is not.

Imagine if you were on an airplane that flew fifty feet above land. Now that would be a thrill! Zipping past oceans and mountains, foreign cities and beautiful landscape, and all at incredible speed. The difference here is that you can see it and you can feel it, whereas in your economy class seat you have no sense of what is going on below and therefore don't appreciate neither the speed nor the vast distances.

We are in this world to do Mitzvos and Maasim Tovim. Each and every mitzva we do makes our neshama ascend towards the heavens. Every one of our good actions change the world in a very definite way. Yet when it comes to doing mitzvos we feel stifled. We feel that no matter what we do, we aren't getting anywhere and we don't feel a rush. That is because we are on the ground and it seems we aren't moving.

If only we had a view of our neshamos soaring the heavens above at incredible speeds and advancing mind boggling distances, we would spend every moment of our lives with feet firmly pressing the pedal with all our might, trying to go faster and faster.