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Parshas Vayigash: Ben Ish Chai - Yaakov's Galus Is Like Old Wine

Yosef sent Yaakov "MiTuv Mitzrayim", old wine according to Rashi (45:23). The Pesach Eynayim says that Yayim Yashan is gematria 430. Yosef sent this as a remez to Yaakov that his descent is part of the galus that Hashem told Avrohom would last 430 years.

The Ben Ish Chai (Ben Yehoada Megila 16b) asks "Why at such a sensitive juncture of Yaakov's life would Yosef feel the need to remind him about the long difficult galus that Bnei Yisrael was destined to endure?"  He answers that on the contrary, Yosef was trying to console his father. While their was a tradition that the galus would be 430 years, Yosef signaled that Yaakov's descent to Mitzrayim would be reversed long before that time.

He sent him Yayin Yashan or old wine to hint that while the galus will last 430 years, nevertheless it is an old story like old wine, and it began many years before, at the Bris Bain HaBesarim. That meant that already half the galus was over before Yaakov even arrived in Mitzrayim.