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Parshas Vayishlach: Alshich HaKadosh - Dina's Male Tendencies

"Vateitzei Dina Bas Leah Asher Yalda L'Yaakov," (Vayishlach 34:1). Dina went to check out the new neighborhood and because of this was taken by Sh'chem. Rashi says that the reason the Torah calls her Bas Leah is to say that she acquired this bad middah from her mother who also went out to meet Yaakov after she gave the flowers to Rochel.

The Alshich offers another pshat. He says that Dina was not completely at fault for going out since it was her nature from the womb. Chazal tell us that Dina was a boy in Leah's womb until Leah davened that she become a girl so that Rochel can have the boy instead of the girl that was in her womb. Because of this Dina had tendencies of a boy, who by nature go out and do not stay in the home.

We see this from the words of the pasuk. Dina was the daughter of Leah from the womb. However, she only became the the daughter of Yaakov upon her birth, since when Leah was originally pregnant with Yaakov's child, it was not this one.