Section: Halacha   Category: Tshuvos
Sdei Chemed: Why Not Make A Bracha Indulging In Shabbos Pleasures?
The Sdei Chemed asks, why don't we make a bracha on the Shabbos meal of "Al Achilas Seudas Shabbos" just like we make a bracha "Al Achilas Matza" on Pesach? He answers that a bracha is only made on a mitzvah that is done in one shot without any interruption in between. This is why on matza where we eat a whole Kzayis matza without hefsek we make a special bracha but on the four kosos of wine where we interrupt in between we only make the bracha of Kiddush and not a special bracha of "Al Mitzvas Arba Kosos".

Similarly asks the Toras Shabbos why don't we make a bracha "Al Oneg Shabbos" before indulging in Shabbos pleasures? He answers that the bracha on Hadlakas Neiros covers the entire spectrum of Shabbos pleasures since it is all one mitzvah and therefore no other bracha is needed. Another answer he says is that since there are no strict rules on how one can be mikayem oneg shabbos we do not make a bracha. The Keren L'Dovid says that when we sing the Zemiros of "Kol Mikadesh Shvi'i" when we say "Baruch Asher Nosan Menucha L'Amoi Yisroel" we should indeed have in mind that we are making a bracha on oneg shabbos. (Piskei Tshuvos)