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Rav Mordechai Elephant - The Waiter Doesn't Get A Bill

The Mishna in Pirkei Avos (3:20) says "V'Chol HaRotzeh Lilvos Yavo V'Yilveh". Everything in the world belongs to Hashem. Whatever we take or use, it is taken on loan and one day we will need to pay back. The more we indulge the more debt we incur. Over a lifetime we will accrue massive amounts of debt that will need to repay. How will we manage?

Rav Mordechai Elephant answered with a Mashal. When you go to a hotel everything you take is marked down and upon your departure you are hit with a bill for everything from meals, to use of premises, to even how many bottles of water you drank from the mini bar. Who is the only person in the hotel who doesn't pay and no one counts how much he ate? The waiter. The waiter takes food from the kitchen whenever he is hungry and no one cares. He comes in to take out servings and grabs a bite. On his way out he grabs a drink. It is all free since he is busy helping others.

Our homes and cars are very expensive and one day we will need to pay dearly for them. However if our home is a place where we invite others and give them shelter, our car is a Chesed on wheels, and our food is always passed around to the less fortunate, then we will not be sent a bill for our use of Hashem's property. In that case is not ours. It is Hashem's and we are using it in between helping him provide for his children.