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Parshas Toldos: Rav Zalman Sorotzkin - The Hands Of Yaakov & The Hands Of Eisav

Yitzchok said to a disguised Yaakov (Toldos 27:22), "HaKol Kol Yaakov V'HaYadayim Yidei Eisav; The voice is sweet like Yaakov, but the hands are rough like Eisav." Chazal tell us that this teaches us that if the voice of Yaakov is strong in Torah, Eisav will not be able to lay his bloody hands on us. However, in the absence of the voice of Torah, Eisav will have free reign to destroy us.

Rav Zalman Sorortzkin in Oznayim LaTorah asks that since Hashem punishes Mida K'Neged Mida, how can an aveira committed by our voice be punished with the hands of Eisav? Eisav's voice should have power to inflict punishment upon us, but not his hands.

He answers that the key to Torah learning is financial support of Torah. Im Ein Kemach Ein Torah, without support, the voice of Torah will become silent, as those learning will slowly leave the Bais Medrash to earn a living. If the voice of Torah is heard, then the hands of Yaakov are obviously very active in supporting Torah. In this Zchus, Eisav's hands will be neutralized. But when the voice of Torah in not heard, then apparently the hands of Yaakov are folded and are not giving very generously to Torah. In that case, the hand of Eisav will be active in making us suffer.