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Parshas Lech Licha: Avnei Nezer - WHy Avrohom's Mitzva Of Mila Required Temimus

When giving Avrohom the mitzva of Mila, Hashem said (Lech Licha 17:1), "His'halech Lifanai Veyai Samim; Go before me and be Tamim or innocent and complete."  Why did Hashem ask Avrohom to summon his Mida of Temimus for the Mitzva of Mila?

The Iturei Torah brings from the  Avnei Nezer that the answer is that Avrohom's life mission was to bring people Tachas Kanfei HaShechina.  That required showing them he was an ordinary person just like they. and they could be like him. too.  He showed them that living a life with Hashem is the better way.  After undergoing circumcision Avrohom would no longer be one of the boys, and he might very well lose his power of persuasion.

Hashem reminds him that service of Hashem means first and foremost listening to Hashem's command and not to disobey it because we feel it will help us serve Him better.  "Leave the world to me," says Hashem.  "You just do what you are told regardless of the expected outcome."