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Parshas Ki Savo: Imrei Noam - The Many Curses Of Moshe Are Buffered By One Word
Chazal tell us that the Tochacha in Parshas Ki Savo was said by Moshe Rabbeinu while the Tochacha in Bichukosai was said by Hashem.  Moshe's Tochacha is harsher than the one said by Hashem, yet his Tochacha has a big upside to it.

The Imrei Noam of Zhikov points out that in Bichukosai, Hashem's name is not mentioned in the Tochacha as each Klala is said in first person.  In Ki Savo, when Moshe gives the Klalos, each one is proceeded by Hashem's name.

This is the Remez of the pasuk in Tehilim (34:20), "Rabos Ra'os Tzaddik."  Many are the curses of the Tzaddik, Moshe Rabbeinu, far more than the curses of Hashem.  However, "U'Mikulam Yatzilenu Hashem," because in these curses are Hashem's name that represents Middas HaRachamim, we are far better off than the first Klalos where Hashem's mercy is hidden.  (Peninim Al HaParsha)