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Ben Ish Chai - Achav Is Learning Torah Here In Bagdad
The Ben Ish Chai once said that fifty years earlier a Chacham had a dream that a certain Mikubal in Bagdad was a Gilgul of Achaz the King of Yehuda.  The Ben Ish Chai commented, look how long it has been from the days of Achaz until now and he is still trying to achieve his Tikun!

More recently, said the Ben Ish Chai, one Talmid Chochom dreamed that another Talmid Chochom is a Gilgul of Achav the wicked king.  The Talmid Chochom who this was spoken about was very hurt by the news, as Achav is considered among those who have no Olam Haba.  The Ben Ish Chai told him not to feel bad.  First of all only a small part of your Neshama is from Achav and most of it is your own.  Secondly, do not dismiss the greatness of the Neshama of a King from lofty times.  We cannot comprehend either their sins or their vast greatness.  Furthermore only the good part of Achav's Neshama is in you, and who knows if there is anyone in this generation that can boast of a Neshama so great.

He concluded by wishing him Arichas Yamim and success in helping the Neshama reach its final Tikun.