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Are You Prepared To Let Go Of Your Branch?
A man was hiking along dangerous cliffs when he lost his balance and fell.  As he plunged thousands of feet towards the dark abyss he realized that this is the end.  He lifted his eyes towards the Heaven and said, "Hashem I know I haven't been perfect but you are my only hope.  Please save me and I will believe in you always."

Suddenly he felt himself hit some shrubbery which slowed him down enough to grab onto a branch and stop his free fall.  He looked up and realized that there is no way to get back up and he was too far for anyone to rescue him or even hear him.  He looked down and saw only black with no bottom in sight.  His grip on the branch start weakening and he realized that it was only a matter of time until his strength gives out and he plunges to his dark end.

Once again he lifted his eyes and said,"Thank you Hashem.  Now I know that you are the only one that controls the world and nothing else matters.  Can you please somehow bring me safely home to my family."  A voice then emanated from below and said, "My son let go of the branch and I will catch you and bring you home safely."

This man already saw his life miraculously spared once after his first tefila.  Now his second tefila is being answered.  Real emuna as professed by this man would dictate that he smile and immediately let go of the branch without the slightest hesitation.  Anything less, such as deliberating or even letting go with trepidation means that his faith is split in some ratio with his faith in the branch.  What would you do?