Section: Parshas HaShavua   Category: Haftorah
VaEschanan-Nachamu: Rav Yisachar Dov of Belz - The Nechama Of Anochi Hashem Elokecha
The Aseres HaDibros begins, "Anochi Hashem Elokecha."  The Medrash asks, "Why does it say Elokecha in the singular instead of the plural Elokeichem?"  The Medrash answers that this gave Bnei Yisrael a leg to stand on after the Eigel.  They defended themselves claiming that Hashem said, "Anochi Hashem," to only one person, Moshe Rabbeinu and not to all of them. 

Rav Yisachar Dov of Belz says that this can explain the meaning of the pasuk, "Nachamu Nachamu Ami Yomar Elokeichem."  Despite that Hashem took away the Bais HaMikdash and the lives of so many, it could have been much worse considering the aveiros of Bnei Yisrael.  Take comfort in the fact that Yomar Elokeichem, that in the Aseres HaDibros Hashem could have said Elokeichem but chose not to.  This slight change of the word is the guarantee of your survival.