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Rav Nachman MiBreslov - Stealing Torah From Your Boss
The gemara in Shabbos (31a) says that when a person comes to Shamayim they will ask him "Kavata Itim La'Torah?"  This means simply, did you set aside Torah each day?  A novel Pshat is said in the name of Rav Nachman MiBreslov.  The word Kava can also mean to steal.  The gemara in Rosh Hashana (26b) proves this from a Pasuk in Malachi (3:8) that asks, "HaYikva Adam Elokim", can a person steal from Hashem?

When a person comes to Shamayim they ask him why he did not learn more Torah.  Rav Nachman says that he will answer that he was busy working hard trying to support his family.  They will then ask him "Kavata Itim LaTorah" why did you not steal a few minutes here and there between tasks to "chap arein" a little learning?  

Stealing?  How can person steal time from his boss to learn Torah?  The answer to this can also answer the perplexing way Bais Din Shel Maala conducts their trial.  Before asking Kavata Itim LaTorah, the gemara says they ask you "Nasasa V'Nasata BeEmuna", did you deal honestly in business?  Maybe this question is not a question in its own right, but rather a set up for the next one.  First they prove that you indeed wasted time on the job.  You "chapped a shmuz" here, hung around by the coffee machine there, you took a few more moments for lunch than you should have, and you came late because you woke up late.  That being the case, they ask you, if you didn't consider a few brief moments and felt your boss did not mind then why didn't you do that for Torah?