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Rav Nachum Zev Of Kelm - Open The Door For The Doctor
The gemara in Shabbos (31a) says that after a person dies they will ask him in Shamayim "Tzipisa L'Yeshua" did you wait for the Geula.  The word Tzipisa does not mean wait as in anticipate.  Its root is Tzofeh which means standing outside and waiting to spot him on the horizon.  It is not an intellectual waiting in theory but a very real and practical waiting.

The Michtav MeiEliyahu brings a Mashal from Rav Nachum Zev Ziv of Kelm.  When a person is very sick and a Doctor is expected to come see him he waits anxiously in bed for the Doctor's arrival.  When there is a knock on the door he excitedly braces himself for the Doctor's entrance.  If it turns out that it is someone other than the Doctor he does not give up.  With the next knock, again he is sure it is his Doctor coming to his salvation.

No matter how many false alarms there are the patient never gives up, always sure the next knock will be the one that will save him.  This is how we must wait for Moshiach.  We must be sure he is coming and never give up.