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Sefer HaIkarim - Three Reasons To Believe Moshiach Is On His Way
The Sefer HaIkarim says there are three reasons why we can be assured that Moshiach is coming.  The first is the most virtuous on our part, yet the hardest to believe in.  We must believe Moshiach will come because Hashem does Chesed with us and he surely will not keep Moshiach from us any longer.  The problem is that our confidence wanes, as we don't believe we are worthy of Hashem's Chesed.  Unfortunately it is this lack of belief, that will keep Moshiach away.  If we believed with certainty, Hashem would indeed do Chesed with us and bring Moshiach immediately.

The second great hope is Kavod Hashem.  Since Hashem has always rescued us, by not sending Moshiach, it is creating a Chilul Hashem.  The nations of the world say that either Hashem has forsaken us or He cannot help us anymore.  This is a tremendous disgrace for Hashem, and we can be sure that Hashem will send Moshiach to honor His great name.  

The last and most secure reason is that Hashem promised.  A promise from Hashem is as good as done and we are 100% confident that Hashem will keep his word and redeem us, even if we don't deserve it.  If our emuna is strong we can rely on all three reasons.  Even if it is weak, we can count on Hashem's promise to redeem us from this Galus, Bimheira BiYameinu Amein.