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Chazon Ish - Whose Guest Is He?
The Chazon Ish in his Sefer Emunah U'Bitachon tells a story of a Chosid who invited a guest to his home for Seudas Shabbos.  His whole family joyously prepared for the meal because they loved hosting guests.  

However the person making arrangements for the guest didn't realize that the Chosid had invited him, so he sent him to a different family for the Seudah. 

When the Chosid finished Davening on Friday night the guest was no where to be found.  The Chosid finally got to the bottom of the story and when he returned home without the guest the family was greatly disappointed.  The Chosid said to them, "Is our guest your personal property to do business with? I only worried that he should have a place to eat and enjoy Seudas Shabbos.  What is the difference if this is done in our house by someone else?"

Selflessness is considering another person's needs.  Selfishness is using other peoples' needs as a way to satisfy your personal desires, whatever they may be.