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Rebbi Eliezer HaKalir Learns A Secret From The Malach Michoel
In the first Bracha of Krias Shema in the morning we say "Kel Boruch Gidol Dei'a..." and continue with each successive word the next letter of the Aleph Bais.  In the Birchas Krias Shema we recount how the Malachim say Shira in Shamayim.  Rav Yechiel Michel Stern (Siddur Iyun Tefila) brings that when Rebbi Eliezer HaKalir wanted to compose this Piyut, he went up to Shamayim and asked the Malach Michoel to tell him how the Malachim says Shira.  Michoel told him that they says Shira using words in the order of the letters of the Aleph Bais.

After hearing this, Rebbi Eliezer HaKalir would also compose his praises of Hashem in the order of the Aleph Bais.  In the first piyut of Birchas Krias Shema he not only uses the Aleph Bais, (starting with Keil and ending with Tamid) but he also pays tribute to Michoel who shared this secret with him.  The words after Tamid are "Misaprim Kivod Kel" whose Roshei Teivos spell Michoel.