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Moroccans & Chasidim, Litvaks & Teimanim - Why All The Hate?
Despite that we are all one nation and all children of Avrohom, Yitzchok, and Yaakov, and despite that we all serve a single Father in Heaven, there is often times visible friction and tension between us.  How could this be?

Reb Yaakov Kloizner says in the name of his Rebbi, Rav Shraga Feivel Mendelowitz, that in each and every place Klal Yisroel travels to in the Galus, we unfortunately soak up the atmosphere and to a degree take on that culture.  In every American Jew there is a Shtikel American Goi.  In every French Yid there is a bit of a Frenchman and so on and so forth.  

As Yidden, says Rav Shraga Feivel, we have no differences and are completely B'Achdus with one Lev pointing to Avinu SheBaShamayim.  However the Spanish Goi in us has a natural rivalry with the Russian Goi, and that is where the hate comes from.  The more of these feelings we have the more it is a sign of the Goi we have become.

Without getting into the spiritual genetics of the matter, this point is simple.  Because our Torah is seen in different light in different places where different issues arise, each Galus shapes the Golim Lfi HaMakom and Lfi HaZman, depending on the specific set of challenges in that place and time.  Clearly our dress and dietary habits reflect those of our hosts.  These differences are all exterior and are the flashpoint of rivalry to the naked eye.  Inside we are all one and the same.  We all have a Neshama that comes from the same source, and we have 248 Eivarim that yearn to do the same Remach Mitzvos.

The Jew in us has no walls separating each of us from every other member of Klal Yisroel.  Contrary to popular belief that Jews always fight, the more Jewish we become, the less we will fight.