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Rav Nata Fraind - The Only Way To Please Everyone
The world always has complaints.  Some people criticize no matter what you do. Rav Nata Fraind in Chayei Olam Nata tells a mashal about those who want to please everyone.

There was a father and son traveling on there way riding on a donkey.  People saw then and commented how cruel they were to make the donkey carry the double load of two passengers. So the son jumped off and the people said, "Look at that mean father who rides while his son walks."  The father then jumped down and the son went up to ride.  "Look at that disrespectful son who rides like a king while his poor father walks beside him on foot." 

So the son immediately climbed down and they both walked alongside the donkey.  "Look at those idiots" the people said.  "They have a donkey, and walk beside it instead of riding."  But they couldn't ride because everything they tried was met with criticism.  So what did they do?  They lifted the donkey and let it ride on their shoulders...

The moral of the story is, do what is right and don't bother trying to please everyone.