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Parshas Chukas: Chiddushei HaRim - After 40 Years They Got Sick Of The Mun?
After 40 years in the Midbar when the whole old generation of the Dor HaMidbar died and Bnei Yisroel was on the verge of entering Eretz Yisroel they complained about the Mun, "V'Nafsheinu Katza BaLechem HaKlokel" (Chukas 21:5).  For 40 years they ate the delicious Mun and now right at the end they got sick of it?

The CHiddushei HaRim explains that the Mun was spiritual food.  It was food of Malachim.  Chazal Say that the Torah is only given to Ochlei Mun, people who subsist on spiritual food.  That was the older generation, the Dor that was Mikabel the Torah.  They were content to live in the Midbar and eat spiritual food from the hand of Hashem.

This next generation was a Dor of practical people.  They were built to conquer Eretz Yisroel and work the land.  They were less spiritual than their predecessors.  For them a meal needed to be a real meal and not some spiritual food.  They needed and demanded food from the earth, and not from the heavens.