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Rav Shloime Volbe - 60 Seconds Of Unparalleled Rishus
We all like to help others especially in their time of distress.  As Maaminim Bnei Maaminim we genuinely understand that the world is a very small one and no distance or obstacle can prevent us from helping a Yid in despair.  We need not be in contact with the person, know them, or even be in their proximity.  We can help them in the best possible way by offering a tefila or a Perek Tehilim and beseeching their's and our father on their behalf.

The only thing that prevents us from doing that is the old concept of out of sight and out of mind.  We don't see these people suffering and our hearts are hardened by the sheer number of stories we hear on a regular basis.  Our senses are dulled.  This may be a valid but weak excuse for not taking a proactive stance every time we hear of another person's tzara.  However in one scenario the great Mashgiach Rav Shloime Volbe Zt"l calls this pure Rishus.  

The Holchei Nesivos quotes him as follows.  "There is a Rishus in each and every person who does not think. When someone is B'tzara or sick and we need to say Tehilim, the Chazan approaches [the Amud] and immediately we think, "Oy! Here comes the nudnik again to make us crazy with his Tehilim."

The Chazan finishes the Perek before we even have a chance to overcome this [bad] feeling and to start saying with Kavana.  How delighted we are when his tone of voice rises with the closing words of the Perek.  And what pain do we feel when his tune leads him right into the next perek!

This is an unparalleled Rishus.  If only we thought a bit on the poor fellow lying in his bed and suffering, our Tehilim would look totally different"

We are all appalled at the stories during the Holocaust where a deal was struck with the Germans to save Jews for a relatively small amount per head.  Yet many American Jews sitting safe and sound in their own homes treated this with apathy and did not come through like they could have leading to the slaughter of many Jews who could have been saved.

Forget about taking the initiative to open a Tehilim when hearing of someone's tzaar, if the Chazan is saying Tehilim and we are uninterested are we not as guilty as those who turned a deaf ear to an appeal for money.  We are worse because it doesn't even cost us a single penny.  Unlike their money which they could have justified would go to naught at the end, we know for certain that not one word of Tehilim is said in vain. 

Kudos to the individuals and groups of women who clutch their Tehilim near their hearts and beseech Hashem for all of Klal Yisroel.  Even in our busy days us men are also given our chance.  When the final Amein is said in Shul and we are racing out the door, we should stop for a moment and invest a few moments that will make all the difference.