Section:  Avodah   Category: Olam HaTorah
Parshas Korach: Rav Yaakov Kaminetzky - For Torah's Sake Moshe Dreamt Up Tales Of An Earthquake
Moshe Rabbeinu tells Korach that if Hashem doesn't do something extraordinary and unprecedented, then it is proof that Moshe is not really the Shaliach of Hashem. Yet we don't find anywhere Hashem assuring Moshe that he would do any sort of miracle for him to prove his righteousness. From where did Moshe get the courage to make such a bold prediction on his own? What would happen to Klal Yisroel and the Torah if Hashem didn't back him up and Moshe was proven to be a sham?

Rav Yaakov Kaminetzky answers that Moshe Rabbeinu felt he had no choice. After all that Moshe did in Mitzrayim, at the Yam Suf, and most of all on Har Sinai, there were already doubters that he was the Shaliach of Hashem and the Torah is from Shamayim. Moshe felt if he did not make the Torah's veracity absolutely clear to the current generation, he knew that in future generations who did not witness the great Nissim and Maamad Har Sinai, there was no chance that the Torah would have a Kiyum. It would be attacked and under fire from all sides until forgotten altogether.

Moshe knew that this bold approach may backfire but on the other hand it may work. Yet he was convinced that by keeping the status quo there was absolutely no chance that the Torah had a future. He therefore was ready to fall on his own sword and be Moseir Nefesh for the sake of the future of Torah.