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Making Early Shabbos, Does It Make Hashem Happy?
In the zemer Kol Mikadesh Shevi'i on Friday night, we sing HaMiacharim Latzais Min HaShabbos U'Mimaharim Lavo."  The Michaber praises Am Yisroel's love and attachment to Shabbos demonstrated in out lingering before ending Shabbos, and rushing to greet it when it comes in.  All the Meforshim ask, why is the order reversed, shouldn't it first say we greet Shabbos early on Friday, and end late on Motza'ei Shabbos?

The Rinas Yaakov answers that when we draw out the Shabbos and end it well into the night it is a clear sign that we love Shabbos and do want to part ways with it.  We want to remain in its warm embrace as long as we can, and we are not rushing out.  But when we bring in Shabbos early it may indeed be because of a yearning for Shabbos and our desire to bring down its heavenly radiance even before its time.  However it may also be because we are tired and do not want to have a very late meal during the long days of the summer.  We may want to get to bed early rather than get to Shabbos.

Therefore the Michaber proves Klal Yisroel's love for Shabbos first by speaking of our lengthening of an already long afternoon just to keep Shabbos with us.  Only after proving our true intentions do we boast about making early Shabbos as a way of showing Kavod for the Shechina, and not our sleep time.