Section:  Avodah   Category: Ahavas Yisroel
If Only Everything Was As Easy As Hagba
A traveler wandered into Brisk late one night and while all the homes were dark, one home had a light shining in the window.  He made his way to the home and after knocking was and was greeted by the Brisker Rov who lived there.  He asked if he can stay for the night and the Brisker Rov who was known for his chesed was delighted with the opportunity to accommodate.  He quickly sprung into action to bring food, make a bed, and cater to his guests every need.

Realizing that he was dealing with the famed Brisker Rov himself, the guest could not allow the Brisker Rov to lower himself to serve him.  He vehemently protested and would not let the Rov engage in any Tircha on his behalf.

The next day in Shul the gabbai noticed the guest and was going to give him an aliya as was customary for guests.  The Brisker Rov went to the Gabbai and told him not to give the guest and aliya to the Torah but rather he should give him Hagba'as HaTorah.  The Gabbai obeyed the Brisker Rov without questioning this odd request.

After the guest was called for hagba and was about to pickup the Sefer Torah the Brisker Rov made his way to the Bima and stopped the guest from picking up the Torah.  "Don't be Matriach yourself" said the Brisker Rov, "it is quite heavy!"  "But is not a Tircha" protested the guest. "it is a Zchus."  "And so is serving another Jew and doing the Mitzva of Hachnasas Orchim", said the Brisker Rov delivering the punch line.

There are many exerting exercises that we happily do without complaining.  We consider them a privilege.  When it comes to doing a favor for another Jew even if it takes time and effort, we should view it in the same light.  It is a privilege and an honor, so indulge yourself with a smile!