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Shavuos: A Winter Torah & A Summer Torah
A merchant made plans to attend the Danzig Fair at which he hoped to sell the expensive merchandise that he purchased for this great event.  He ordered a wagon to pickup the merchandise from the manufacturer and bring it to Danzig the day before the fair.  He himself went ahead to make arrangements at the fair.  He rented an expensive booth in a prime location and made all the arrangements to display his wares.  

On the agreed upon the day the wagon driver did not come.  Since it was a day early, the merchant, while concerned, knew he can still quickly set up the next day and be ready for the opening of the fair. The next morning the wagon with the merchandise was nowhere in sight.  The merchant shamefully stood at his booth promising customers that his goods were on the way as he waited anxiously for the good to arrive.

The next day the same scene repeated itself as he shamefully manned his empty booth watching opportunities fall in the hands of his competitors.  A few day later the fair closed and he closed up his booth without any merchandise or sales.  When the wagon driver showed up the day after the fair with sorry tales of snow and mud covered roads, the merchant was far from interested.  He took him straight to Din Torah.  The Bais Din ruled in favor of the merchant and ordered the wagon driver to pay him for all his damages.

"Why do I need to pay" asked the wagon driver?  "Because that is the halacha" said the Av Bais Din.  "Where does it say this" asked the wagon driver?  "In the Torah, my son" answered the Av Bais Din.  "When was this Torah given", he asked?  "On the sixth day of Sivan", answered the Av Bais Din calmly.  "Aha" said the wagon driver.  "It was given in the summer when the roads are dry and easy to travel.  The Torah never considered what traveling in the winter snow and mud is like.  Had the Torah known about that, surely it would have paskened like me!"  The Av Bais answered, "No my son.  Hashem gave the Torah.  He created summer, winter, sun, snow, and mud.  His Torah takes everything into account."

Is the Torah outdated?  Does it apply to today's times?  Of course says the Mayan HaMo'ed.  Hashem who gave the Torah saw each and every generations ahead of time, Korei HaDoros MeiRosh.  He gave a Torah that never gets outdated.  The same Torah is as fitting in the 21st century, in the age super communication and modernity as it was when people lived in small villages without running eater and road on donkeys.  Only an absolute fool can make the argument that had Hashem seen back then on Har Sinai what was going on today He would have ordered things differently.