Section:  Avodah   Category: Bnei Bayscha
Parshas Emor: Netziv - When No Shidduch Is Good Enough

The Torah states twice that a Kohen Gadol must marry a Bisulah. "He shall marry a woman Bivsuleha", and then in the next pasuk "Only a Bisula of his people (Besulah MaiAmov) shall he take as his wife."

The Netziv explains what the second pasuk comes to add that the first pasuk did not tell us. Typically a Kohen Gadol should seek an exceptionally special wife for himself (a Mitzuyenes). This would fit the honor of the Kohen Gadol.  However, if he cannot find that special wife, it is better for him to marry a regular woman - "Even a Bas Hedyot" - the daughter of a plain person, in order that he should not be alone without a wife. This is the meaning of the second pasuk - "Ki Im Besulah MaiAmov Yikach" - even a Besulah who is ordinary, just another girl among his people.

If a Kohen Gadol who must be top of the class across the board in every Ma'ala (money, brains, appearance) can marry a simple girl, surely the rest of us need not think of ourselves or our children as too good for the market.