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Parshas Kedoshim: Kli Yakar - Revenge For A Sandcastle?
"Lo Sikom V'Lo Sitor Es Bnei Amecha" (Kedoshim 19:18).  Hashem forbids us to take revenge to those who have wronged us.  Why?  The Kli Yakar explains with a Mashal.

A young child at the beach spent many hours building an intricate sandcastle.  In his own estimation it was a glorious palace.  After he completed it, his older brother came and with one swoop destroyed the entire castle.  The child went crying hysterically to his father, sure that his father would beat his brother to death for the damage he had done.  However the father was a bit broader minded in his outlook than his young child, and understanding that this was merely a sandcastle he didn't even punish his older son.

We seethe with anger and seek revenge for those who harm our body or our possessions.  While we think that the crime perpetrated against us is worthy to be punished with capital punishment, Hashem sees things from a broader perspective and He remains calm.  Hashem commands us to maintain composure and realize that anything someone does to us is so trivial and mere nonsense.  It is not worth avenging.  This is why when someone wrongs his friend and the victim cries to Hashem, he is often ignored.  His outcry is not justified.

This is why the Torah assurs revenge to Bnei Amecha.  When someone other than Bnei Amecha harm us, their motives are often to make us stray from Hashem.  That is a serious attack and cause for revenge.