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Chodesh Iyar: Is Amaleik In Our Garden?
As we enter Iyar and look back on the past month, it is incredible to contemplate the difference in the world.  During Nissan the world awoke from the dead of winter and burst into full bloom.   If you have any plants or trees, a careful study of the tiny fresh leaves bursting forth from a dead looking branch, is an awesome testimony of a Creator.  But this happens every year and we don't give it too much thought so life goes on without a special impact.  We chalk it up to the way of the world.

Each month has a special order of the letter of Shem Havaya the Shem HaShem.  Iyar's order is Yud and Hey, then Hey and Vuv.  The Mishnas Chasidim says that these Roshei Teivos are for Yis'halel HaMis'halel Haskel V'Yado'a (Yirmiya 9:23), where the Navi says, do not pride yourself in any of your special traits, only in knowing Me, Hashem.  The Torah tells us over and over that our mitzva is not to believe in Hashem but rather to know him.  Belief implies that we don't know for sure about something but we believe it either because we are told by others or for some other indirect reason.  Knowing means we know it for a fact to be the truth.

Hashem put us in a world where everything around us screams of His existence.  He makes it easy for us to know Him through every single natural phenomena and every event that we witness in our lives.  His fingerprints are markedly on everything.  It is because we go through life often in a state of semiconsciousness and focus our attention on trivial matters that we miss out on all this.

Iyar is a month that speaks loud and clear of Hashem.  On the other hand it is also the month that Amaleik attacked us when we left Mitzrayim.  Amaleik is the scrooge of denial of Hashem. The champions of doubt and coincidence.  In Iyar we must fight the blurring vision of Amaleik and let the world's true colors show us the way to the point where we pride ourselves with the true knowledge of Hashem.