Section: Moadim   Category: Hagadah Shel Pesach
Klausenberger Rebbe - Rebbi Elazar Ben Azarya Believed In The Night
Rebbi Elazar ben Azarya held for years, against the opinion of his day, that there was a mitzva to remember Yetzias Mitzrayim at night.  The Klausenberger Rebbe says that Rebbi Elazar ben Azarya put this underlying principal into use in another place.

The gemara in Brachos (28a) says that the day Rebbi Elazar ben Azarya was appointed Nasi he relaxed the strict entrance requirements to the Yeshiva that were enacted by Rabban Gamliel.  Rabban Gamliel required that each talmid be Tocho K'Baro, his deepest insides must be as pure as the appearance he gives to the outside world.  Rebbi Elazar ben Azarya allowed in even unworthy students and suddenly the Bais Medrash was full way beyond capacity.  The Klausenberger Rebbe says that Rebbi Elazar ben Azarya learned this from Yetzias Mitzrayim, where Hashem took Bnei Yisroel out even though they themselves were badly sullied with the tumah of Mitzrayim.  

According to Rebbi Elazar ben Azarya the Torah demands that we remember Yetzias Mitzrayim even "BaLeilos", even it the dark of the night.   Before the light of Torah is shining on a person we must have compassion on him just like Hashem had compassion us.  Because of this Rebbi Elazar ben Azarya let in everyone, even the ones whose minds and behavior had not seen the light of day, to expose them the shining light of Torah.