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Avadim Hayinu: Chasam Sofer - Which Part Of The Hagadah Interests You?
The Hagadah tells us, "Afilu Kulanu Chachomim... Mitzva Aleinu L'Saper B'Yetzias Mitzrayim."  Yetzias Mitzrayim had two aspects, says the Chasam Sofer.  Firstly we were freed from centuries of oppression and torment.  However that is not the main cause of our celebration.  The greatness of Mitzrayim is that we left to become a nation and receive Hashem's Torah.

The ordinary people who do not appreciate Matan Torah use Pesach night to celebrate our release from bondage, the "Inui" Mitzrayim.  However the Chachomim and Nevonim, those who know the whole Torah, their Mitzva is to celebrate the "Yetzia" from Mitzrayim.  They celebrate the exit that led them to Har Sinai.