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Baron Rothschild Earns 800,000 Pound Sterling From Kiddush To Havdala
Baron Anshel Rothschild although the leading European banker was a proud Jew and his emuna was legendary.  Despite all his multitude of business dealings, on Shabbos everything came grinding to a halt as if nothing else existed and he was simple Jew attached to his Shabbos.

One time a large financial institution in England was on the verge of collapse.  It needed to be rescued by a person or group with great means.  The directors decided that Baron Rothschild would be perfect candidate.  They drafted a proposal offering him the company for 2.5 million pound sterling. This price was considerably lower than the true value of the company but still not a steal.  

The telegram was sent Friday night and Baron Rothschild completely ignored it. Anxiously awaiting a reply, when no reply was forthcoming the directors took that as a lack of interest and the next morning sent a new proposal for 2.2 million. Of course Reb Anshel did not pay attention to this telegram either and later in the day out of desperation the directors sent an offer of 1.7 million. This one arrived on Motza'ei Shabbos and Reb Anshel opened it together with the other two, and sent back a positive response to the third offer.  

As soon as he sent off his reply he gathered his people together to update them on the transaction, and more importantly to teach them a lesson on the Koach of Shabbos.  Shabbos is not only profitable in the next world, but in this one as well for those who watch over it.