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Biurei Tefila: Shemona Esrei - A Jewish Adventure Mobile!
Rav Tuvia Goldstein Zt"l once said, when a Goy wants to go on trip he must tend to all the tedious details and make travel arrangements, arrange a hotel, get in his car and go. Not so a Jew. All we must do is take three steps back for Shemona Esrei and away we go! Our mind often takes us on the greatest adventures without ever leaving our place. We can dream about vacation and a whirlwind of other events and still make it back on time for Kedusha.

That is how he explains the Pasuk "Eileh Va'Rechev V'Eileh Ba'Susim", the goyim need their chariot and horse to get anywhere. "Va'Anachnu" but us Jews, "B'Shem Hashem Elokeinu Nazkir" we only need to mention Hashem's name (Shemona Esrei) to get to the same places.