Section:  Avodah   Category: Chanoch L'Naar
Parshas Vayakhel: Take Along Junior For The Ride
"Heivi'u Bnei Yisroel Nidava Lashem", Bnei Yisroel brought a Nidava to Hashem (Vaykhel 35:29).  Heivi'u is a plural Lashon.  They did not come alone.  But who did they come with?  Rav Mordechai Hominer (Chinuch Malchusi) writes that they came with the children so that the children will learn what it means to do a mitzva and see it put to action by their parents.

Very often we are eager to take our children to their childish places, but when we go to our own business, our own business of mitzvos we prefer to leave them home because they are a nuisance.  When we go to bake Matzos they need to be warned not to go to close to the oven or bother the people baking.  When we buy Aba Minim we don't want to pay for the most expensive esrog whose pitom they have broken.  When we build a Succah we don't want them to nail us in forehead.

The Torah teaches us that it is a wonderful chinuch opportunity to take them with you and let them either participate in your mitzva when possible and if not at least come along for the ride.  Even just witnessing your mitzva can leave a deep impression on them that will pay dividends years down the road.  Of course it will take prior planning to make sure it doesn't turn into a disaster, but with a little intelligence and a bit more patience it can be done and should be done.  It is a Chinuch opportunity they should not miss.