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Dubno Maggid - Why Hashem Can't Look Shabbos In The Eye

We find that the mitzva of Shabbos is both highly praised when we keep it. When we don't, Hashem says (Yeshaya 1) "Chodsheichem UMoadaichem Sanah Nafsi" my heart despises your special days. Why the drastic emotions for this particular mitzva?

The Dubno Maggid explains with a Mashal. A very wealthy man had chronically sick children so he hired a top doctor to permanently stay with them. He loved the doctor very much as he tended to the children and always came up with the perfect medicine to cure them. One day one of the children became deathly ill and although the doctor prepared medicine that would save his life the child refused to take it. As the child's health deteriorated and he hovered near death the father became very angry with the doctor and couldn't hide his contempt for him. The doctor asked the father, "Why are you angry with me. It is your child's fault that refuses to take his medicine." The father answered that if there was no medicine he could accept his son's fate, but because the doctor prepared medicine that can save his son's life and he won't take it, when he sees the doctor and is reminded of this, his pain is double.

The Dubno Maggid continues. Hashem gave us the Mitzva of Shabbos which is a medicine that cures our soul from all the ills from during the week. Hashem, our Father in Heaven, wants us, his dear children to take this medicine to restore our good health. If we don't use this medicine to save our neshama, Hashem looks at it in despair saying that they are worthless and they just add to his anguish. Shabbos is the ultimate medicine. Make sure to follow the instructions.