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Parshas Ki Sisa: Maharal Tzintz - Cashing In The Malach HaMaves's Gift
In the Mitzva of Kitores Hashem tells Moshe, "Kach Licha Samim" take the spice for yourself (Ki Sisa 30:34).  Why does Hashem tell Moshe to take it for himself?

The Maharal Tzintz in Milo HaOmer brings the gemara (Shabbos 89a) that when Moshe Rabbeinu went to Shamayim to take the Torah, each and every Malach gave him a present.  The Malach HaMaves also gave him a present.  He told Moshe the secret to stopping a plague, and that is through the Kitores.

Surely, says the Maharal Tzintz, this was the most precious present that Moshe received.  Saving a Jewish life is something he lived for, and was even willing to sacrifice everything for it.  Although Moshe now knew the secret, this secret held no value to him because it is assur to make Kitores privately. Only once Hashem commanded Moshe to make Kitores, was he able to enjoy his present and make use of it.  Therefore the Torah says Kach Licha, this command is a true gift for Moshe Rabbeinu.