Section: Parshas HaShavua   Category: Numbers & Letters
Parshas Titzaveh: Vilna Gaon - Me'il, A Mouth Like The Letter "Tes"
The Vilna Gaon says that the letter "Kuf" represents a Ba'al Machlokes.  He tells lies to fan the flames of a feud.  Lies have the letter Kuf which stands on leg and easily falls over.  Kuf also has a long tongue that he wags too much in his quest to cause dissent.  

The letter "Tes" represents the "Ish Tov", a good person who runs after peace.   His base is nice and sturdy and his tongue is bent inwards as he guards it carefully from speaking evil.

There is a siman for the from the Me'il that is worn by the Kohen Gadol and is Michaper on Lashon Hara.  The Pasuk says "V'haya Pi Rosho Bitocho... Lo Yikarei'a", its collar should be folded inward and it should not rip.  The Gra says we should also be like the "Tes" with our tongue folded inward and not cause any divide among people.  (MiShulchan Gavo'a)