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Story Of Purim: Pirsumei Nisa - No Matter How Old Or Wise You Are This Sefer Will Surprise You
Purim is one of those stories that as you grow older you think there is nothing left to hear anymore.  Yet paradoxically we are still left with so many unanswered questions that we have learned to live with over the years.  This year we were fortunate to find a sefer that changed everything.

Pirsumei Nisa, written in Lashon Kodesh, by Rav Tzvi Hirsch Weiss of Williamsburg is an astounding sefer.  This sefer fills in many of the gaps of the Purim story.  But more than just address all the questions that gnawed at the back of your mind for years that have not been satisfactorily dealt with, it does it in way that will leave you feeling incredibly satisfied.  The extensive research is apparent in the breadth of and depth of the finished product.  Easy issue dealt with fully, and is not just answered from one point of view.  Many opinions are brought for each detail from a wealth of different Medrashim as well as Rishonim and Acharonim.

It starts with an in depth look into the backgrounds of all the major personalities and events leading up to the story of Purim, that we may have never known.  It provides greater clarity on events that are known but only in passing.   It covers each small event in great detail and tells the what, why, and how.  It also provides information on the post Purim lives of the heros.

This is not a sefer that you will be able to read cover to cover before Purim, but it is a great encyclopedia for almost any topic want to know about. If you pick it up you will delight in its contents and it will certainly add to you Adar Simcha.