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Parshas Truma: Reb Yeruchom Levovitz Does A Goral HaGra & Stays In The Mir
The Daas Chochma UMussar quotes a letter from Reb Yeruchom.  Reb Yeruchom writes that he wanted to leave the Mir Yeshiva (where he was the legendary Mashgiach) to go to live Kelm.  He faced all sorts of obstacles that were clearly orchestrated from Shamayim.  

He decided to perform a Goral HaGra to determine his path.  He came to a pasuk that shook him deeply.  "B'Tab'os HaAron Yihiyu HaBadim Lo Yasuru Mimenu" the poles of the Aron should remain in their rings and not be removed (Truma 25:15).  Unlike the other Keilim in the Mishkan, the Torah says the poles of the Aron must remain fixed in their place even if the Bnei Yisroel was not traveling.

Reb Yeruchom continued and wrote that this pasuk was revealed to him, not because of his own just actions but rather B'zchus HaRabim.  The lesson he learned is that the poles are the people who help carry the torch of Torah.  Those people should never leave their position just like the poles cannot leave the Aron.

From then on, said Rav Yeruchom, even when I had to leave Yeshiva for a short time I had many hesitations.