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An Interesting Theory As To The Secret To Our Generations Astounding Torah Success
Our generations is a shining light in history in Torah learning.  Never has there been so many people learning torah full time for so many years.  Never has there been so many Yeshivos and Kollelim filled with older boys and married men SheTorasam Umnasan.  What is the secret?

A well known Yerushalayimer Tzaddik offers a theory.  All of Torah is found in Torah Shebichsav.  This includes Torah SheBa'al Peh, Nigla, and Nistar.  It is all right there in the words, the words of Hashem.  It is told of the many great tzaddikim who learned Chumash with a special joy and a special kirva to Hashem, soaking in the Kedusha of every word.

This tzaddik says that the Seforim HaKedoshim say that the Mekor for our success in Torah stems from being Maavir Sedra Shnayim Mikra V'Echad Targum each week.  How we do this, makes all the difference in the Torah we will be able to absorb from all of our learning the next week.  This is why according to many early sources it is a special Mitzva to do Shnayim Mikra V'Echad Targum on Erev Shabbos after Chatzos, since that is when the Kedushas Shabbos descends on the world.  Yet according to many, Shnayim Mikra is just a preparation for the greatest Kabalas HaTorah, which is listening quietly and attentively to Krias HaTorah on Shabbos. 

So here is the theory he offers.  The Sifrei Torah we have today are by far better than any Sifrei Torah ever.  They are scanned by computer to ensure there are no mistakes of missing or extra letters.  Not only that but the quality of the parchment and ink ensures that the Osios keep their integrity without any erosion.  He says that an expert Sofer told him that most of the Sifrei Torah in Europe were pasul, while our a primarily Kasher.  With a pasul Sefer Torah you cannot be Mikabel the Torah, but with a Kasher one you can get very far.

So this week when you are Maavir Sedra keep in mind that not only are you learning Toras Hashem but also you are being Mikabel Torah Min HaShamayim.  You are also preparing for the great Kabalas HaTorah of Shabbos morning.  Learn the Halachos and do it right.  It is not a major investment and there is a lot riding on it.