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Ben Ish Chai - Torah For Bnei Yisroel, The Toughest Customers Of Them All
The conquering armies were camped at the gates of the city, poised for attack and swift victory against the meekly guarded city.  The city's small militia was no match, and their only hope to stave off the attack was to surrender and offer a huge ransom from the residents of the city.

Since the matter was so important, the heads of the city decided that they themselves will go around to collect the funds.  Their first stop was the rich miser who never contributed to any causes.

The miser upon hearing this sorry state of affairs said that although he normally does not participate in donating funds to the city's causes, this time he will make an exception, as he handed over a large sum of money.

"Tell me one thing", said the miser.  "Why did you come to me first?"  The city leader answered that had we gone to others first, each one would have found a different excuse.  "Maybe it's not true" or "Maybe we should fight" or "Maybe we should wait  a little and see what happens."  However when they see that you, the big miser, generously opened up your wallet, they will know for certain the severity of the situation and they will all give right away.

The Ben Ish Chai quotes the gemara in Beitza (25b).  Why was the Torah given to Bnei Yisroel? Because they are the most stubborn.  He explains that all the nations know about the obstinacy of Bnei Yisroel and how they refuse to submit themselves under any burdens or someone else's rule.  Hashem gave us the Torah first to show the world how important the Torah is for human existence.  If we were ready to accept it, surely our entire existence depends on it and the other nations should follow suit and submit to the laws that Hashem set out for them.