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From Parshas HaMan To Az Ashir
Why is today so special?  Because well meaning Jews all over the world will be saying Parshas HaMan twice with Targum Unkelus once, to merit the segula of Parnassa revealed to us by Rav Menachem Mendel of Rimanov.  Does it work?  Of course it does if this great tzaddik said so.  However it is not so simple.  What would you say if you saw someone putting on the sneakers of a world champion sprinter and claiming that he now can run faster than anyone in the whole world?  

First of all for all those who knock Chassidim, you really shouldn't bother with this since it is a Chassidishe minhag. Or perhaps to have a chance to rake in a couple of bucks you are ready to don a shtreimel?  More importantly whether you are Chasidishe, Litvish, or Sfardi, you need to do this right.  Let's start by reminding you that it is not enough to say the parsha once, but you must say it twice and you must also say Targum Unkelus.

I am not sure that this is sufficient though.  I would assume that the way this segula is structured it is predicated on the fact that you are always Maavir Sedra and you are up to Parshas HaMan, on time for this big day.  Before you rush out to get a chumash (as opposed to just reading the parsha itself on one of the many websites that are considerate enough to post Parshas HaMan for emergency situations) remember you need to start from the beginning of the parsha if you haven't started Bishalach just yet. After all Maavir Sedra means the whole parsha and not just the lucrative parts that are segulos.  Actually you better get a Chamisha Chumshei Torah since you must say every sedra from the beginning of Bireishis.  

Here is another thing you should be careful about.  Unkelus is just not that easy to read.  It would be a shame to have our riches denied just because we made a couple of reading mistakes on the really hard words.  Make sure to read it nice and slowly and carefully just to be on the safe side.  Also make sure you get a Chumash that has Rashi since many poskim suggest that the reason we say Unkelus is to explain what the Torah says, and nowadays our Aramaic is not that great (unless of course we learn Zohar online).  

Here is another issue to consider.  How much money do we get exactly for this exercise?  Shouldn't we know that before we invest our precious time?  Maybe instead we should run out to buy the lotto?  Rav Mattisyahu Solomon relates about the time he walked into a Bais Medrash in Boro Park on Parshas HaMan day and saw a man sitting and saying Parshas HaMan with great kavana.  Another man walked in and saw this as well, and he turned to the fellow and said, "Why are you wasting your time?  I said it for fifty years already and believe me it doesn't help."  At this point Rav Mattisyahu walks up to the fellow and says, "Tell me, how have you been living for the past fifty years?"  Our food, our clothing, our money is all a bracha of Man from the Shamayim.  Parshas HaMan does not promise anything more.  It says nothing about new cars and expensive vacations.

If you want good advice, listen to the gemara (Brachos 8a) and be maavir sedra the right way every week.  It may not make you rich but it will surely enrich your life.  And not too worry, the gemara promises a goodie for that as well, long life.  So if you were maavir sedra yesterday and learned the Parsha of Az Yashir, you probably aren't too concerned about today, and are already singing Az "Ashir", a thanks to Hashem for a truly rich life.