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Rav Mendele MiRimanov Saves The Shul

A contingent of government officials came to Rimanov to search the city for a suitable storage warehouse for the army's food and supplies.  After combing the city, the only place they came up with was the local Shul.  When the heads of the Kehila heard, they ran to Rav Mendele of Rimanov to ask him what to do.

One person jumped up and said that as soon as the officials find out that the roof leaks and all their supplies will be ruined, they will not use our Shul as a storehouse.  Everyone agreed and seemed satisfied with the plan.  However Rav Mendele, with his great Yiras Shamayim, heard this and said that they are sorely mistaken.  In fact it is because of the leaky roof that this Gezeira befell them.  If we don't take care of our Shul and are Mizalzel in its honor allowing the roof to leak, what do you expect of the non-Jews?  Go fix the roof right away and everything will be okay. 

They did as they were commanded and never heard from the officials again.