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Parshas VaEirah: Chasam Sofer - Can A Poor Man Hear His Brother Crying?

A rich businessman came to the Chasam Sofer crying that while he was once one of the most successful traders in the city, a series of bad dealings has wiped him out.  He requested advice and a Bracha from the Tzaddik.  The Chasam Sofer said to him that he heard about his terrible plight, but he also heard that he has a brother who lives in poverty and that he doesn't help his brother.  "Please forgive me," said the man,  "but right now I am not in any position to help.  If Hashem helps me get back on my feet, I promise I will help my brother." 

The Chasam Sofer said to him, "Hashem says to Moshe (VaEirah 6:5), 'V'Gam Ani Shamati Es Naakas Bnei Yisrael; I have also heard the groaning of the B'nei Yisrael.'  Who else heard the cries of Bnei Yisrael that Hashem says He has 'also' heard?  The answer must be, that despite the terrible ordeal that each Yid in Mitzrayim was going through, still he managed to feel the pain of his fellow Yid and tried to alleviate his pain in any way."

Hashem said," B'zchus each person hearing the cries of his friend, I too will listen to each one's own tears and I will redeem them."

  "Despite your difficult predicament," said the Chasam Sofer, "go help your brother right now in any way you can, and bzchus this, Hashem will rescue you from you troubles."