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Parshas VaEirah: Rav Avrohom Pam - Pain In Precise Measurements
The first pasuk of Parshas VaEira start "Vayidaber Elokim" and ends "VaYomer Hashem".  Rav Avrohom Pam brings from the Magid Meisharim, that Hashem was angry at Moshe for questioning his treatment of Bnei Yisroel in Mitzrayim and therefore used the harsh terminology of Vayidaber couple with Hashem's name of Din, Elokim.  However since Hashem knew that Moshe only did this out of great care for Klal Yisroel, He then quickly switched to the softer language of "Vayomer", together with the Shem Hashem used for Rachamim.

And what was Hashem's answer to Moshe?  That He appeared to the Avos with name "Kel Shakai".  Rav Pam explains that the name Shakkai means enough.  This was the name used after the world was created to stop it from further growth which would have gone on indefinitely until it self destructed.  Shakkai is the name that signals things have reached where they need to get to and there is no need for more.  Be it the oceans, the sun, or the planet.  The further growth of any of these by even a fraction of millimeter would distort the equilibrium in the Bria and ruin it.

Similarly Hashem told Moshe, that while indeed things got worse in Mitzrayim after his audience with Paroh nevertheless the suffering needed to reach its boiling point before it ended, and it is was all part of the master plan to hasten the redemption.

We can't fathom the workings of Hashem, says Rav Pam.  Nevertheless out Emuna must be strong enough to know that everything we experience on a personal and national level is measured out exactly, and it is all for the good.