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Parshas Shemos: From All Of Moshe's Names Why The One Chosen By Bas Paroh?
Moshe Rabbeinu was a man of many names.  Yeuksiel, Avigdor, Tuvia, and many more.  Why out of all his names does the Torah refer to him by the name given by Bas Paroh?

The Shnayim Mikra brings from the Baal HaFla'a that we find something different in the way the pasuk describes Moshe's name.  In other cases where the Torah states a reason for the name, the reason precedes the name itself.  However by Moshe it says, VaTikra Shimo Moshe Ki Min HaMayim Mishisihu" (Shemos 2:1).  The reason says the Hafla'a is that in all other cases the name was given based on the reason.  Here the name Moshe was chosen by Hashem.  It happened that Hashem let Bas Paroh come to the same conclusion as well and she named him his true name.

From here we see that the name Moshe was Kadosh V'Tahor and not the creation of Bas Paroh.  Rather it was a zchus for her to be able to be Michaven to the correct name.