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The Sfas Emes Refuses To Be Sent Out
The Sfas Emes rarely took any trips as he was a great masmid and preferred to stay put and learn.  Any small trip he took was a great occasion to his Chasidim.  One time he traveled to nearby Warsaw which was not far from his hometown Gur.  When he arrived, a large gathering was waiting for him and his host prepared a lavish Kiddush for the occasion.

The Sfas Emes said that he does not want to attend such a reception.  The host argued that Chazal tell us "Kol SheOmer Licha Baal HaBayis Aseh Chutz MiTzei", whatever the host instructs you to do you must do except if he asks you to leave.  Therefore, said the host, the Rebbe is halachicly bound to attend.

The Sfas Emes replied that the word "Tzei" has another connotation beyond leaving the immediate premises.  The Misha in Pirkei Avos (4:28) says that three things take a person out of the world, Kinah, Taava, Kavod.  Since honor will take a person out of the world and anything that will cause a person to "go out" he need not listen to the Baal HaBayis, therefore the Sfas Emes need not listen to the host and indulge in this honor.  (Chaim SheYesh Bahem - Aish Tamid)