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Parshas Shemos: Ksav Sofer - Yisro & Moshe Open Up A Kollel
"Lama Zeh Azavtem Es HaIsh Kirena Lo V'Yochal Lechem", why did you leave the man, Yisro chastises his daughter after they were saved by Moshe at the Be'er.  Call him and he will eat bread (Shemos 2:20).  Rashi says that this calling for bread meant that he will marry one of you.  The Ksav Sofer asks, why didn't the Torah just write that he will marry one of you?  Why use the analogy of bread?

He answers that the gemara says (Kedushin 29b) that a person should first learn torah and then get married, because with the burden of supporting a family it is very difficult to learn.  Chazal tell us that Ben Azzai never got married and apologized saying, what can I do, Nafshi Chashka BaTorah, my soul desires Torah and I cannot support a family.

Yisro suspected that Moshe with his sterling character was a descendent of Yaakov.  He wanted him to marry one of his daughters but was concerned that Moshe who heart craved Torah, would be hesitant to get married.  Therefore he told his girls go call him and tell him we will feed him the bread, we will support him.  This way he would agree to marry one of you.  That is why the next immediate pasuk says, "Vayo'el Moshe Lasheves Es HaIsh", Moshe agreed to the offer and was willing to marry Tziporah and stay with Yisro.