Section: Parshas HaShavua   Category: Chasidus
Parshas Mikeitz: Shem MiShmuel - Yosef Unlocks All The Storehouses
When the hunger set in, in Mitzrayim the pasuk (Mikeitz 41:56) tells us, "Vayiftach Yosef Es Kol Asher Bahem."  Yosef, who had organized a vast warehouse network all across Mitzrayim, enough to feed the people for seven years, opened up every single warehouse he controlled.  Why would he open them all up rather than open them up slowly as needed?

The Shem MiShmuel answers that the hunger was so devastating right from the onset that people were panic stricken and depressed.  Yosef needed to not only fill their stomachs but also build morale.  By opening slowly and not revealing more than the people needed for their immediate use, the despair would only worsen.  "How are we going to survive for seven years?" the people would cry.  Yosef combated this by showing all the people that there was no need for worry.  Yosef has enough to meet their needs until the hunger passes, even if it lasts for seven years.

"Similarly," says the Shem MiShmuel, "sometimes when a person is down in his Avodas Hashem, Hashem does not lift him a little at a time.  This would not alleviate the hopelessness.  In some instances Hashem opens up the gates of Siyata Dishmaya and infuses us with incredible spirit, that we become different people altogether.  With this energy we can put the pieces together and start our ascent towards new vistas in Avodas Hashem."