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Rav Chaim Kanievsky: Why Is There No Thanks For The Nes Of The Oil in Al HaNissim?
In Al HaNissim we thank Hashem for miraculous over the mighty the Greeks.  What seems to go by without any thanks is the great Nes of the oil that lasted for eight days.  Why do we not mention that?

Rav Chaim Kanievsky answers that while we can commemorate the Nes of the oil and make Pirsumei Nisa one of the highlights of Chanuka, we can only thank Hashem for what he has done for us.  Today over 2000 years later we cannot thank Hashem for that miracle.  We would be the same either way.  Similarly on Succos we sit in a Succah so that everyone should know about the great Nes of the Ananei HaKavod in the Midbar, but we don't do anything to thank Hashem for that since we would be the same no matter how our ancestors traveled across the desert.

The victory in the war with the Greeks, however, is something that we have a great debt of gratitude for.  Had the Chashmana'im been defeated, the fate of Jewry would have been in grave danger.  We thank Hashem that Yehadus survived and we are the benefactors two thousand years later.  Chanuka is similar to Pesach where we give non-stop thanks to Hashem for delivering us from the stranglehold of Paroh.  U'L'Amcha Yisroel Asisa Tshua Gedola UFurkan K'Hayon Hazeh!