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Dubno Magid - A Tale Of Two Innkeepers
A respected minister was traveling with his whole entourage on a special mission for the King.  On the way they stopped at an inn to spend the night.  Seeing his important guest the innkeeper fed the entire party a lavish meal sparing no costs. 

The next morning the grateful minister was set to continue on his journey.  He asked the innkeeper how much he owed him for his stay.  The innkeeper told him a not so insignificant price and the minister paid it without hesitation.  Shortly afterward the minister was on his way without giving a second thought to the innkeeper.

That night the scene repeated itself as the minister and his entourage again stopped at an inn to spend the night.  However the next morning when the minister asked for the bill, the innkeeper said, "No, no! Being able to serve the minister of the king was the greatest honor I can receive and I consider that my compensation." 

The minister was very moved and ordered one of his men to take out one of the suitcases.  In the suitcase were valuable stones and jewelry.  "Take this my dear friend", said the minister.  "This is a token of my appreciation for your graciousness.  Not only that but if you ever need anything from the king, please don't hesitate to call on me."

The Dubno Maggid says that there are two kinds of Ovdei Hashem.  The one who serves Hashem to receive the reward.  He will get his reward and nothing else.  The person who serves Hashem with love, he give Hashem great nachas and his reward is far reaching, beyond any normal scale of compensation that we can ask for!